Welcome Ballabox Customers!

Manufacturing quality folded cartons for over 60 years.

As of August 1, 2023 Ballabox is now part of Quest Graphics, LLC.

Ballabox has a long history in the specialty packaging industry and now, with the acquisition by Quest Graphics, we'll continue smooth operations into the next 60 years.

You can count on Quest Graphics + Ballabox to continue to serve your needs with a personalized approach. Supplying quality product and timely delivery at exceptional pricing remains our top priority. For all orders and questions, please contact the Quest Graphics team.


Ballabox History & Next Steps

Ballabox is best known as a medium-sized manufacturer of folding cartons focused on specialty packaging for industry. Our company was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1957 by Madison A. Ballagh.

Jim Kutcher will remain involved to support the transition with Quest Graphics and we all look forward to a successful future together.

Ballabox Products and Capabilities

The Ballabox product line includes printed and plain folding cartons in the following styles and designs, as well as inserts, machine filled blanks and other designs:

  • Two-piece beers type cartons with a distinct top and bottom
  • One-piece, automatic bottom cartons
  • One-piece trays, either beers or automatic bottom
  • Simplex cartons
  • Reverse and straight tuck side seam glued cartons
  • Side seam slider cartons
  • Machine filled seal-top, autobottom or seal bottom cartons
  • Other custom and insert tray cartons