Folded Cartons and Carriers for Consumer Goods, Food, Beverage, and Industry

Packaging Equipment

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Die Cutting Sheet Size Max Sheet Size Min
Yoco JY-1650E 44" x 57" Automatic Die Cutter Max 44" x 57" Min 20" x 26"
Bobst Die Cutter 36" x 49-1/4" Max 36" x 49-1/4" Min xx.xx" x xx.xx"
Bobst Die Cutter w/blanker 36" x 51" Max 36" x 51" Min xx.xx" x xx.xx"
Folding & Gluing (Inline: Windowing, Taping, RFID)    
Alpina Folder Gluer with Inline Windowing / RFID    
Bobst Domino Folder Gluer    
International Folder Gluer    
International Kleenstick Machine    
Cuttting & Finishing    
101" Cutting    
Die cutting operations, featuring a Yoco JY-1650E Automated Die Cutter

Die Cutting

Our die cutting operations include three work cells and feature a Yoco JY-1650E Automatic Die Cutter for maximum quality, efficiency, and throughput. Die cut sheets are palletized and flow directly to our folding/gluing operations for finishing and shipping.

Yoco JY-1650E Automatic Die Cutter
Folding/gluing operations, with custom right-angle folding/gluing capabilities


Our folding/gluing operations include three high-capacity workcells with production rates up to 20,000 pieces per hour.

One of our unique capabilities is right-angle folding/gluing for specialty containers and carriers.

Inline taping operations for sealing of cartons and carriers

Inline Taping

We can apply a tape seal to cartons and carriers at the same time they are being folded/glued. This saves time and production costs, and improves the quality of the output because it avoids a secondary, offline operation.

Inline windowing operations for visibility of packaged goods

Inline Windowing

We can cut-out custom shapes to create windows in cartons and carriers for product visibility and promotional items — and we can do it inline while other operations are performed to save production time and costs.